-4th dimension of GCE

                     GECOFEST XI

Before the advent of knowledge, mankind had known only the science of art, music, dance and painting.

                            Even prehistoric man had drawn painting in caves showing people dancing &
singing, much before he had invented languages and words to speak. In many ways, art form
had been our first mode of contact with the outside world.

                            Recognizing this importance, the students of GCE Salem have been given opportunities to develop themselves in music, dance, art and languages. All through the years our students have proved their mettle wherever they have been to, proving to the world that we’re not just a bunch of studious needs, but an elite team having an artistic sense of the highest caliber.

                           Once again, Time has come to show the world our true self. Whatever your skill, the stage is yours. To ignite the passion in you….Coz’ Gecofest 2011 is here. It’s time to Rock ‘n’ Roll. !!!