-4th dimension of GCE

        painting and photography




1. Modern Art:

·        Make a new passion of creativity.

·        No language signs should be used.

·        Crayons & chart will be provided.

2. Line Art

·        Line your ideas by free hand lining.

·        Dots & shades are not allowed.

·        Colour pencils & A4 sheet will be provided.

3. Bristle Off

·        Bring out a new theme without using brushes.

·        Water colours & chart will be provided.

·        Use of different tools will bring you more marks.

4. Eye- Snap

·        A picture will be shown for 20 seconds and you should sketch it close to the original.

·        Pencil & A4 sheet will be provided.

5.  COMIC Cartoon

·        Bring out a funny theme in cartoon creation.

·        Pencil & A4 sheet will be provided.

·        Minimum of letters should be used to reveal your theme.

·        Sentence formation is not allowed.

6. Word Explosion

·        Make a new design of word art.

·         Crayons and A4 sheets will be provided.

7. Collage

·        Patch work on the chart reveals your idea.

·        Magazine, adhesives & scissors will be provided.

8. Portrait

·        Sketch out the given portrait by penciling.

·        Pencils & A4 sheet will be provided.

9. Get Close

·        Sketch out a picture for the given description.

·        Pencil & A4 sheet will be provided.

10. Canvas Impasto

·        Bring out a new creativity in canvas.

·        Oil paint & canvas sheet will be provided.

11. Pot Paint

·        Design a pot with new ideas.

·        Pot & Water colour will be provided.

12. Soap Carving

·        Carve the soap to a statue

·        Soap, toothpick & knife will be provided

13. Clay Sculpture

·        Shape a new sculpture using clay.

·        Clay will be provided.

14. Face Painting

·        Paint your partner’s face to express your theme without using language signs.

·        Colours & brushes will be provided.

15. Tattoo Design

·        Sketch a tattoo design on your partner’s arm.

·        Marker will be provided.

16. Hand Mark

·        Design your partners hand with mehandi.

·        Mehandi cone will be provided.

17. Hair design

·        Make a new way of dressing in your partner’s hair.

·        Hair creams will be provided.

18. Fabric design

·        Make an attractive t-shirt with no language signs.

·        Fabric paints and white t-shirt will be provided.

19. Road paint

·        Make a fabulous art in the road.

·        Only White colours will be provided. 

·        Three members per team & one team per year.

 20. Rangoli

·        Make an attractive rangoli.

·        Rangoli powders will be provided.

21.  Live Art
·        Sketch out the live 3d model.

·        Pencil and A4 sheet will be provided.